Deep in our hearts, each one of us preserves the emotions, sensations and magical moments that make a place unforgettable.
This is the case with the welcoming rooms of the Ferarùt, with a limited number of seating places distributed around a large, comfortable space.
Like a magical casket, the atmosphere of the restaurant is a little retro, with an open fireplace where the grills are cooked and can be seen through the glass, with a pleasing soundtrack, modern but not too modern.
In the basement, behind the cellar - better described as a vaultince it encloses real jewels of wine production – a very exclusive dining room has been created, almost a private room: t the centre is a monumental 18th century table in briar wood, surrounded by exposed brick and display cases on the walls exhibiting spirits and liqueurs from all over the world.
An evocative location, heated as required by the warmth of the fireplace, where moments of total relaxation can be enjoyed.